Tunisia: A Strategic Choice in an overwhelmed International Agenda

ISIS: A collective Product of the Modern Society

Big data analytics is big business in our modern world. Analytics, which includes collecting unstructured datasets as well as processing them in order to uncover patterns and correlations, can also be used for security threat detection and possible prevention. As the virtual world is the primary recruiting mechanism for jihadists and engaging in cyber terror practices, a huge amount of data is now available to be analyzed and can help in predicting terrorist behavior and ultimately empower authorities in the cyber fight against extremism. These tools added a valuable asset in the war against terrorism and gave us an insight into ISIS strategies. Currently, experts at the University of Exeter are even talking about real-time ISIS propaganda collection and analysis to understand radicalization mechanisms. Researchers aim to reveal how ISIS online campaigns succeed in converting Millennials into Jillennials (Millennials extremist/ jihadist). The research team said in their public release on May 23rd, 2016 that they would “make use of powerful, computational techniques to detect, gather, and analyze this propaganda”.