Mapping and Data Information Services

A core part of working in the MENA Region includes the necessity to understand and the keep track of an ever-changing list of socio-political intricacies that dictate how one can effectively operate in the region. Especially given the upheaval seen in the region over the past four years, many countries across the region are in flux and require careful study. PDC currently has a dedicated team of analysts who provide research and analysis on the current situation in Syria. Our current product, called the Syria Info Hub (SIH), provides a comprehensive weekly analysis of the situation inside Syria that takes into account a number of indicators, including: the humanitarian and security situation, current aid programs being conducted, the status of civil society organizations and the work of various organic local governance structures. PDC is also capable of conducting ad hoc research projects upon request and has done so in the past for several clients.


Sample Report

Syria Information Hub reports provide on-the-ground updates province by province. Each report details the security situation, the humanitarian and economic realities, and the activities of local councils and civil society organizations.



This section provides accounts of death rates and the battles being fought within each district, as well as the major artillery used and significant actions of local organizations. PDC also maintains a current log of who controls the major thoroughfares and access into the country to facilitate humanitarian aid. PDC also tracks the various security developments regarding arrests and detention rates, and their impact on population movements within the country.


Humanitarian and Economic

This section outlines the general humanitarian outlook of the districts. Given the large IDP population within Syria, this report endeavors to understand their movements and the subsequent humanitarian impact on the areas. This section also outlines whether civilians have access to potable water, electricity, and foodstuffs.  Reports of inflation on the price of goods and fuel are also reported, as well as any civilian-felt economic shifts such as currency devaluation.


Local Governance and Civil Society Activity

This section reviews local governance structures and their capacities to deal with the conflict and provide support to the civilian population. This section also reviews the current state of Syria’s civil society, specifically programs and projects implemented, whether they be grassroots mobilization or aid and relief.