A study about the education in the areas under ISIS control

A study about the education in the areas under ISIS control

First: Education in the period before ISIS:

After those areas have left the regime’s control, the regime targeted the city’s neighborhoods and governmental institutions and schools which compelled the civilians left in those areas not to send their children to schools and prevent them from their rights to learn.
After the local council was established and after the civilian organizations appeared, the official schools were replaced with basements to continue the educational process, where the local council has taken upon itself the monitoring and administration of some of those schools and other special civilian organizations took the role of taking care of some of them as well although the schools belong to the local council, like the following organizations: (Noshataa, Ihsan, Sama)
The educational sector included all the studying levels starting from kindergarten through high-schooling.
However, those schools specifically lacked experienced teachers, seeing as the teaching staff consisted of some university students and some fewer specialized teachers.

Second: Education after ISIS took over:

After ISIS took over the city, all the schools were closed and teachers were put through a religious course, then after a short while some of those schools were re-opened but under certain conditions by the ISIS Educational Bureau and there are some statements, decisions and pointers which were set by the Educational Bureau, we’ll mention them in the next work phases wherever it’s possible.
ISIS issued a decision not to allow the re-opening of schools under certain terms:
1- Change of teaching curriculum
2- Separating the teachers’ genders entirely.
3- Separating male students from the females
4- non-teachers who attended the religious course aren’t allowed to practice teaching inside ISIS schools.
5- replacing the weekend, previously (Friday and Saturday) with (Thursday and Friday)
6- work for free when the schools are open and the teachers work for free without signifying or taking note of the financial assurances.
7- Preventing females from continuing studying after sixth grade.
8- males continue learning religious courses after sixth grade without any other subjects.
9- deleting the following subjects from the course, entirely:
a. English language
b. French language
c. Philosophy
d. Nationalism
e. Omitting the word “Syrian Arab Republic”

The following statements/phrases were printed on ISIS’s courses on the cover instead of “Syrian Arab Republic”:
1- The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
2- Wilayat Al-Khair
3- Educational Bureau
4- The Mujahid ……. School

Third: Education with the start of 2015:

With the beginning of the studying year of ISIS in 5/9/2015
The managing responsibles gathered in the Educational Bureau led by the Bureau’s Amir (Abu Al-Fadhel) and he’s one of Al-BuLeil village citizens, a former Maths teacher.
And his associate (Abu Sarah) who’s one of Deir Ezzor city civilians.
They stated the beginning of the new year of Wilayat Al-Kheir.
Compelling all students on the official attendance, otherwise the parent would take full responsibility in case their child hadn’t attended.
ISIS selected certain offices for buying the needed papers in order to shorten the list.
Like Al-Kheder library in Al-Mayadeen city, where the papers are equivalent to 1000 SYP.
This selection and limitation is considered a source of money-making and selection of a certain percentage for the offices’ owners who are ISIS-alliances, so it’s forbidden to buy those papers from anyone else.

ISIS previously made teachers in Deir Ezzor city (or as ISIS members call it, Wilayat Al-Kheir) go through a religious and educational course which lasted 50 continuous days.
During which, teachers make salaries in ISIS schools according to the service they used to provide in the regime schools, or like ISIS calls them “the regime’s unit” as an insignia of the regime’s institutions and its management structure.

The actual service years are decided by putting the teacher in the database according to the years he’s served, based on trust between the ISIS teaching staff and the Educational Bureau of ISIS.
It’s noted that most teachers put those years of service as actual as they are, for fear of ISIS security members who on the other hand, get their information directly or indirectly.
PS: The maximum salary is 40 thousand SYP
Some teachers even make a 50 thousand SYP

However in the previous year, ISIS hasn’t given any salaries for anyone, but they gave two months of service’s worth of salaries, and told the working teachers through the Bureau in every Wilaya that ISIS will not give any more salaries, considering that what ISIS has given to teachers is for voluntary service.

*- in a sudden statement by ISIS, the starting date of the new year was re-decided from the 5th to the 20th; 20/9/2015 All students have to attend at the date decided within a single week from the date, or else, the parent will be held accountable. A study about the education in the areas under ISIS control.